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Join our club!

Joining a new club can be daunting. To make things easier, the first session will be free and then your child can decide whether they want to continue.

The joining process is as follows:

  1. Email our club with your enquiry

  2. We will let you know when your child can have a trial session

  3. Choose whether to join or not and let us know

  4. If your child chooses to join, we will send you the membership forms to complete and details to pay the membership fee

  5. Once the membership forms are returned and fees payed, your child will be a member!

Please note that those aged 8-10 will be required to be able to swim 1 length (25 yards) on their front and 1 length on their back. For those aged 10+, they will need to be able to swim two lengths on their front, two lengths on their back, and tread water for one minute.

Join Now!

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