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The RLSS UK National Lifesaving Academy awards are a suite of progressive awards that teach personal survival, first aid, CPR, rescue, and fitness skills to anyone aged 12 years and over. Their aim is to teach candidates how to stay safe around water and how to safely assist others who may have gotten into difficulty in both aquatic and non-aquatic situations.

The awards are structured to teach foundational skills and then progressively build up the candidate’s skills. On achieving the Bronze
Medallion level of award, the candidate receives Recognition of Prior Learning hours towards the RLSS UK vocational lifeguard qualifications.

The awards are structured into three levels (Bronze Lifesaving Certificate, Bronze Star, and Bronze Medallion), and multiple environmental strands are available at the Bronze Star and Bronze Medallion levels.

The three award strands are as follows:

  • Pool – completed in the swimming pool

  • Open Water – completed preferably in non-tidal, inland open water sites

  • Beach – completed on the coast

The Bronze Lifesaving Certificate is designed to teach new lifesavers the basics of staying safe in or around water. It provides the candidate with basic water safety knowledge, basic aquatic lifesaving skills, basic CPR, and basic First Aid.

The two subsequent award levels (Bronze Star and Bronze Medallion) are divided into three sections:

  • Lifesaving theory

  • Lifesaving survival and rescue skills

  • CPR, AED, and first aid

Here is a diagram to show the award path:

NLA Award Path

Your child will need to bring a basic swimming kit.
Please note that some of the skills in the programme require your child to wear a long sleeve top and trousers. We therefore ask that your child brings these every week too.

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