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Beach Programme in Full Swing!

Ipswich Lifesaving Club at Felixstowe

The 2023 beach programme run by Ipswich Lifesaving Club is in full swing, creating a dynamic and engaging learning experience for all participants. The annual programme aims to teach lifesaving skills to members to allow them to achieve their RLSS UK awards.

Rescues underway at Felixstowe

Through doing the programme, students complete rescues and self-survival and also complete theory-based activities to develop practical proficiency and also understand the dangers of the beach and how to stay safe. The participants work towards either completing their RLSS UK Rookie Lifeguard, Survive and Save, or National Lifesaving Academy awards. By completing these awards, they can progress onto harder levels and those that are part of the latter two award schemes have the end goal of gaining their distinction award. The awards allow them to better understand how to stay safe in, on, and near water and also help them to progress to becoming a lifeguard at the age of 16. Ultimately, it allows them to make informed decisions when enjoying activities, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Our students have been enjoying their time at the beach this year and we have had the pleasure of bringing over 20 aspiring lifesavers to the sessions all eager to embrace the experience. The programme takes place over four Friday evenings at Felixstowe. And what better way to conclude the session than with hot dogs and bacon rolls as a well-deserved treat?

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