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Platinum Jubilee Medallion

Platinum Jubilee Logo

We are delighted to announce our involvement in the Platinum Jubilee Medallion to mark this incredible anniversary, in celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s historic reign.
To mark the 70 years of service, RLSS UK has created this unique award based on a modern take of the award Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth completed in 1941.
The skills assessed, for safety reasons, have been modernised to ensure they are up to date with modern teaching variations and approaches. Although we did enjoy reviewing some of the terminology used in 1941, it wasn’t exactly politically correct by today’s standards!
This continues RLSS UK's special celebration medallions, the last of which was the Millennium Medallion launched in 2000. Lifesavers of the past, present and future engaged in that special award, and we hope this new special edition will encourage those that are keen to test their skills, to return to the pool.

Students in the RLSS UK Survive and Save programme have been offered the chance to take this unique award this term!

Look out for emails about this!

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